​Postback for administrators

Postback for administrators

Postback for administrators is available on tariffs which support it.

To set an auto upload of data open your project – Settings – Modules – Postback.

You can set the personal postback for your orders (if you provide traffic by yourself) or common postback which triggers for all orders (from you and you webmasters)

  • Common postback (all orders) for new orders – triggers when new orders get to project
  • Common postback (all orders) in changing of statuses – sends data to specified URL when order change status
  • Personal postback (orders not from webmasters) for new orders and in changing statuses – sends data when orders get to the project or when order change its status. If an order is assigned to webmaster, the postback will not be triggered
  • Postback for all editing the order – triggers for any order change

This postback is independent and not connected to Webmasters’ Postback

At the table are specified all special tags you can use in GET or in POST request.


See also: https://blog.leadvertex.ru/news/1696-rasshirennyj-postback/

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