​Dadata service

Dadata service

DaData.ru is a service for automatic standardization of contact data. With it, you or your operators can receive the post office index in one click, or bring the order data to the correct format. For example, divide the line "address" into the street, building and apartment. Define a city and region. Service is indispensable for processing large amounts of data.

How to setup

To get started, you need to sign up, then go to your personal account and copy the API key and Secret key for standardization.

Go to your project on LeadVertex - Settings - Modules - DaData.ru Service. Enable the use of the module by ticking “Use the DaData.ru service”

Fill in fields “API-key” and “Secret key for standardization” with data received on the service side. DaData is a paid service. However, after registration you get the opportunity to try it for free for 100 notes. Turn on the option “Use paid tips” if you use them.

You can check the data that you entered in the appropriate fields, or you can enter the address with one line and the service will automatically distribute the data in the necessary cells: region - to the region, city - to the city, and so on.

When you enter the address in the top line, you will be presented with prompts in the form of a drop-down list

When you enter the full name in the bottom line, prompts will also be displayed

Call back application

We work from 8 am till 8 pm (moscow time) every day.
Please state convenient time for calling back at the working hours of our technical support service!