​Incoming calls

How it works

The function allows you to bind a phone number for incoming calls to LeadVertex. If anyone calls this number, LeadVertex will connect a caller to you, while creating an order with the caller's phone number and recording the conversation, you can listen to the recording in the project.

If you didn’t answer the call or your phone is switched off, then an order with the phone number of the caller will be created one way or another.

In the history of order changes you will see the source “Incoming Call”.

Repeated calls from the same phone number will be added to the order change history, if the order is in Processing group of statuses. Otherwise, a new order will be created. However, you can configure it the way that a new call always creates a new order, open Settings - Telephony - Incoming calls - Always add a new order when an incoming call.

How to setup

The easiest way is to connect our telephony. We take care about all settings. It's fast - you can receive calls 20 minutes later, after contacting tech support.

You will make outgoing calls and record return incoming calls from buyers, while applications will be created automatically in the admin panel.

You can set up call forwarding to your number or to a corporate phone from which the operators will answer, or you can simply turn on the answering machine with the beautiful voice of your operator or our high-quality recording.

You will be able to download one-click conversation records for both outgoing and incoming calls.

Another way to connect

You can connect a Megafon multi-phone.

With this approach, you will have a local, regional number. You need to buy a separate Megafon’s sim card, to get a login and password to enter and configure incoming calls (Settings - Telephony - Incoming calls)

Call back application

We work from 8 am till 8 pm (moscow time) every day.
Please state convenient time for calling back at the working hours of our technical support service!