Common rights setting for operators


  • Displays script text to the operator on the order edit page

If this option is enabled, the script text on the order edit page is displayed to the operator.

  • Reminder text for operators, which will be visible to them on all pages

This text will be displayed at the top in the operator’s account

  • Allow operators to export orders

We recommend you to enable this option only for those operators who downloads files in Excel, uploads via API

  • Prohibit the operator to open multiple orders at the same time

We recommend you to enable this option to operators cannot open multiple orders at the same time.

  • Show the operator domain / referer / webmaster in the list of orders

By default, these fields are disabled in the operator’s account.

  • Allow operator to create orders manually

There is an option “Create an order” in the admin panel. If you want the operator to be able to create an order manually, put the tick

  • Allow operators access from specified IP addresses only

This option allows you to secure your account and allow access to operators only from a specific list of ip addresses

  • Allow operators to move orders to hidden statuses

If you have hidden some statuses from the operators, but want the operator to be able to move the order to hidden statuses, check the box. This is sometimes necessary when you hide a status, for example, “Paid,” but you want the operator to be able to move the order there without viewing the entire status.

  • Show operators duplicates by IP in the order card

The option shows whether there are duplicate orders from the same ip that was marked in the order itself

  • Show operators the status of duplicate orders in the order card

The option displays to the operator, right in the order card, whether the order has duplicates and what statuses these duplicates have. A duplicate is an order with the same phone number. Without this option, the operator will see duplicates, but won’t see their statuses.

  • Allow search for orders to operators in hidden statuses

If the statuses are hidden from the operators, searching in them is also prohibited. With this option enabled, the operator will be able to search for orders, even if they are in a hidden status.

  • Hide items in an order card if its balance is less or equal to zero

The option allows, in the absence of goods in the warehouse, to disable it from the item block in the order card

  • Give orders in dial up mode to operators only those with a client time from 9-00 to 21-00

Used only in dial up mode for correct setting of the order line

  • Show order counter and notify operators

The option makes possible to disable “dripping” notifications to operators about new orders and not display the counter of new orders in the available projects list.

  • Record the results of dialing in a separate field "Log of calling"

By default, the dialer logs are recorded in a comment and visible to operators. If you want to hide the dialer logs from operators, enable the recording in the "Log ringing" field, this field is not available for operators.

  • Show operator "Robot log" field

This field records the results of the robo calls

  • Show operator IP address in change history

By default, the IP address of the user who made changes to the history of the order card is hidden in the operator account

  • Show the operator field «Source»

This option shows the source where the order came from.

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