​Robo calls Statistics

Robo calls Statistics

You can view the statistics on robo calls for the period you interested in. To do this, enter the project - Statistics – Calls Statistics, and select period of time you need in special forms. Statistics on the number of attempts to ring the robot shows in the graph the data in the context of days. And also the performance of the robot for the entire selected period in the summary:

  • The total number of robo calls attempts
  • The number of orders that the robot called
  • Robot Talk Duration
  • Average robot talk time
  • The average duration of the robot conversation that the client was listening

Statistics by templates will show average amount of robo calls per day goes through every template.

Statistics on the number of successful calls, displays the number and percentage of calls for which a particular delivery status was received

There is also a diagram showing the number and percentage of calls in which the client pressed a certain key. And a diagram describing the nature of the errors when calling the robot.

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