​Methods of sending leads to account

Methods of sending leads to account

Leads can come to account by following methods:

  • Straight from landing
  • Via API
  • Uploaded form Excel
  • Adding by special functional of income calls
  • Created manually

Which method are you planning to use?

Straight from landing

Our specialist copies your original landings. From this moment his interactions with your landing, on which advertisement has been adjusted, is over – our specialist works with his own copy. Copy of landing is adjusting, forming and binding items from warehouse. This copy uploads to your project on any free domain from your project. You can start working with your own domain,park it to us. Further,you are getting link, adjust advertisement on selected domain.


First landing transfer – free

Subsequent landings transfer – 600 rub

Upsell and/or forms of order clarifying on page of successful order adjustment – 200 rub

Counter setting and purpose setting on landings – 120 rub

Comebacker setting – 120 rub

Transit page removal and adaptation – 200 rub

Transit page adaptation – 120 rub

Personal blanc – 600 rub or according coder’s price

Other edits – According to coder’s price

You can adjust your landing by yourself if you have appropriate skills.

API transmitting from landing on your hosting or from CPA

API (Application Programming Interface) – description of methods for one software interact with another. In other words, it’s method or tool, which help to adjust integration between our platform and other services.

You can adjust integration with the landing page, which is on a third-party service. To do this, you need to write a script handler on which orders from the landing will be collected. Requests to add orders to the project will leave the script.

The same way will work the transfer of information from an affiliate network.

Our specialists will set up such integration for you on a paid basis.

To implement third-party integrations, we need from you the most detailed Technical Task described in one message. We transfer the task to programmers having only full technical requirements. If the programmer in technical task is missing something, then he removes the task from himself and transfers it to the support to clarify the details. After clarifying all the details, the task is set again and ends up at the end of the line. For the above reasons, in order to accelerate the implementation of the task, we recommend that you immediately describe the Technical Task in as much detail as possible.

On a paid basis, our specialists can perform the following tasks:

  • Integration of the landing page that lies on your hosting
  • Integration with the landing page, which lies on some designer
  • Integration with CPA
  • Integration with the scheduler
  • Integration with Google tables
  • Integration with a third-party warehouse
  • Integration with blacklisted services.
  • Integration with tracker
Writing a script that will automate some processes in the admin account or upload data inside the LeadVertex service

The cost and terms of implementation must be checked with a specialist. Here are approximate prices:

Integration of a site without an engine (without CMS) - 1000 rubles.

Integration of the site on the engine - 1500 rubles.

Integration of the site on the designer - 1500 rubles.

Uploading changes through Postback to a third-party resource - from 1500 rubles.

* You can configure the integration on your own using the API documentation. We will consult on our API, provided that you familiarize yourself with this documentation.

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