Columns in account

Columns in account

In your account you can see order table, each column has certain information about orders

Columns in account

  • ID – a unique number of a lead
  • Operator – here’s operator’s login, who changed status’ group. It means order fixes to operator at moment when it moves to “accepted” or “Cancelled” or any other status group
  • Webmaster – webmaster’s login, who provided a lead, if order came not from webmaster, this field remains empty.
  • Domain – domain, where lead came from
  • Date – time, when order came in exact date format “10 minutes ago”
  • Status changed – date of the last status change
  • Last changed – date of the last order change
  • Time – current customer’s time in accordance with his time zone
  • Approve date, Cancel date, Send date, Return date, Buyout date – dates for corresponding actions with orders. It fixes at the moment of order’s movement to certain status groups.
  • Commentary – Service text field for operator, it is used when order processing
  • Price – order’s price, it might be price which comes with order right into account, or price from landing, or transmitted via API.
  • Total – final price of order after processing. This is the value displays on post forms as cash on delivery
  • Dial Up time – time, operator chose from order card to dial
  • Number of attempts – shows how many times operator made calls
  • Dial up mode group – shows dial up mode for order
  • Pochta Rossii track – keeps information about track-number. It can be filled in manually or automatically (if there is an integration with online service “Pochta Rossii”)
  • Pochta Rossii status – keeps current track status from Pochta Rossii. It updates hourly.
  • Quantity – shows common quantity of items inside order
  • Country,Index, Region, City, Address, Building, Apartment, Phone, Email – client’s data
  • Last SMS/Voice SMS – shows text from last sent messages to a client.
  • Voice message status – shows if message has been delivered.
  • Mark – contains information about UTM – marks, if order has it
  • Source – shows order source: landing, API, via Excel, income call
  • IP – shows client’s IP-address. If you see the same IP in different orders came from webmaster, you should clarify it. Also, it if webmaster has the same IP, it will be noted
  • Referrer – last link from where was reference to order page
  • Time spent – shows time spent on checkout. Time counts from first arrival on landing to checkout If it takes about 2-3 seconds, probably this order is fake

In general, last three fields IP, referrer, Time spent – helps to find webmaster’s cheat

Columns can be switched off with “choose column” button

All fields from account

All fields from account can be downloaded into Excel.

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