What account types exists?

Account types



It is a project owner. Also known as administrator and advertiser. Registering on leadvertex.ru

It pays platform’s services and manage all available settings not only inside a project but also inside entire account. It means administrator has an access to all settings which available for user on Leadvertex.

Only entrepreneur can text to tech. support tickets or accept incoming calls from support manager inside an account.

Login and password allows to execute several simultaneous sessions

So, if entrepreneurs manage their offers with equal rights, they can be logged inside an account at the same time, using the same login and password


It can be a manager who will be response for project settings. For example, it can be a call-center chief-manager or any other responsible specialist who controls and regulates work of other specialists in a project

Another example: you can have an affiliate network, which includes lots of webmasters.

If an advertiser will contact you with a request to place its offer in your affiliate network, you can create a project and add this advertiser as a partner. Thereby you’ll make him a head of a specific project but restrict his access to your other projects and global settings. Also, a partner couldn’t see your webmasters’ contact info

If you decide to organize your own call-center on our service, your client may already be a user of our service or another CRM. Then you can use for integration an internal tool for order transfer or an advanced API.

But if the client isn’t a user of another system, you can create a project in your account and grant him partner access, what makes him the project manager in which your operators will work.

You can invite up to 20 partners in one project. (Settings – Modules – My partners)

No pre-registration is required.


An account has strong limitation. An access can be regulated by an entrepreneur or a partner. Operator hasn’t access to another users’ management or adjustment.

Operator is not only a person who calls orders, but also it can be a storekeeper or a courier who delivers your parcels. In other words, operators are users who needs restricted access to orders, and don’t need access to project settings.

Operators required to register on leadvertex.ru first, and then they have an invite to work in a specific project. (Operators tab – Invite an operator)

To invite an operator, the sequence should be followed this way only.


After registration on LeadVertex.ru you will have a project (engine) of your personal affiliate program to establish your own mini-cpa network, so there required webmaster – a specialist who will advertise your offers, send you a traffic for a reward.

The settings are rather specific; registration have to be done in your account (partner project)


Such access can be given to a layout designer, a specialist who adapts a landing page to our service or make edits on your landing. An account has strong limitation

This account has access to template editor – for working with landing code.

It also has an access to domain management, what allows to designer to connect catalogs to specific domains

In designer's invitation specifies the term till the project will be available for him.

A designer is required to be register on leadvertex.ru

To invite a designer, you need to enter the project – settings – design – Invite a designer.

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