The Instruction for setting Call Mode

Terms and adjustments

Call mode - mode for auto dial up order from operator’s account, when system distributes orders according to rules and gives it to operators.

Types of call mode defines what orders exactly be grouped. There are several types:

  • New leads – contains all orders, which haven’t been approved or cancelled yet.
  • Re-confirmation – leads, which requires to be checked one more time after confirmation
  • Before buyout – client’s leads, have to be guided to receive parcel at post office
  • Random 1,2 – random order selection, you want to pass to operator for dial up

Dial up mode subspecies – it’s order dividing inside specific dial up mode. For example, among orders “Before buyout” there are “unprocessed”, “No answer”, planned Call back. That’s the call mode subspecies

  • Unprocessed – when order just appeared in dial up mode
  • No Answer – operator didn’t get through to client
  • Planned Call back – operator got through, but client asked to call back later.

Step by step setup

Step 1. Adjustment of each dial up mode

Enter Operators > Dial Up mode new > New leads. There you can set:

High priority for new leads in this project – means, all new in the project will have higher priority before orders from another projects

Time on standard for dial up (minutes) – means how much time you set for operators to dial up. It also will affect on priority.

If no answer/busy/discharge, put off the call on (minutes) – you set time for call back, which will be set by default, when specify exact reason of not getting through.

Quantity of call attempts – when you reach this quantity, order will move to status you set

Status to move - after you reach this quantity, order will move to status you select

All buttons that will used in certain dial up mode are listed below

In addition to basic you can enable two extra buttons more.

In call mods: re-approve, before buyout, random; all setting are almost the same. Details marked with hints.

Step 2. Bringing in line order statuses and call modes

Call mode connected with statuses. In settings you can match for them, like, all leads came to “processing” status, will get to “new” call mode. Or, all leads, came to re-confirmation will get to the same call mode.

First you need to choose what dial up mode you want to use – new, before buyout, etc. After you need to open certain status in your account and put there a tick. Open Settings > Statuses > Choose status you need – add order to dial up automatically

If tick is disabled, orders which gets into status won’t be shown.

Step 3. Adjusting access to dial up modes for operators

Enter your account (admin access), there is “Call Mode” button from above, > “dial up settings”. You’ll see table with all your projects and call mode types.

Enter your account

On this table administrator sees amount of orders in every call mode and can click gear-sign to open settings, and put ticks to give access to certain operators.

On this table administrator

Orders in line

List of orders in line for dial up

Order list can be viewed via menu “Call Mode” > Order List

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