Statistics by webmasters

By webmasters

Statistics for webmasters is formed in 2 tables - By partner parameters and by of order statuses groups.

1. Statistics on webmasters by partner parameters.

Uniques - shows how many there were unique transitions to transit pages and landing pages for affiliate links of a webmaster.

Orders - how many orders for the selected period came from each webmaster.

An envelope - is the ratio of number of orders to the number of unique visitors by this webmaster. If a site has 15 unique visitors, 5 of them made an order, the envelope will be 1 to 3.

Processing, Paid, Refused - each of columns collects the number or percentage of orders for which the webmaster is accrued a reward, and the status of this reward corresponds to the name of the column. For example, your webmasters work for the accepted order, then all orders that are in the statuses with the groups “Accepted”, “Sent”, “Paid” and “Return” will be displayed in the statistics for affiliate parameters in the column “Paid”, all that are in the statuses of the “Processing” group - in the column “Processing”, and orders of the webmaster for the period that are in the statuses of the groups “Cancel” and “Spam / errors” - in the column “Denied”. If, for example, your webmasters work for a paid order, then in the “Refused” column there will be all orders, except those that are in the statuses of the “Processing” and “Paid” groups.

ECPC (Effective Cost per Click) - cost of a click when paying for an order (Сost per Action), in other words, average click cost inside affiliate program

The indicator can be described as follows: You had a certain number of conversions to sites, for example 30, of which 10 ended with orders, and 5 were subsequently confirmed. You paid the webmaster these 5 orders for 200 rubles, it means that total reward is 1,000 rubles. As a result, what you spent is 1000 rubles divided by 30 transitions and get the value of ECPC

2. Statistics on webmasters by order status groups.

Statistics show in the column “New orders” how many total orders came from a particular webmaster for a specified period.

For the remaining columns in the statistics, you can see which number of these orders is paid, is in accepted, sent, in processing, cancelled, return, or was marked as spam.

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