What does the tariff include

Tariff options

Tariff is a pack of services, you connect for your project. In tariff schedule displayed all available functional. For better understanding how it works and about possibilities of our platform you can use Demo-project in your account, you get access to it after registration.

Tariff schedule shows presence of some options in one or another package, service volume, and difference between tariffs

Let's have a look at each of presented option.

New orders per month

This is the limit of orders that can come into your project from the moment of creation or extension of the project until the next due date. After payment, the order counter will be reset to zero.

This refers to all applications that fall into your project from any source. Duplicates will also be counted, but don’t worry, because you can enable Antispam, which blocks such orders.

When the number of orders in the project reaches the limit, the project must be extended or transferred to a higher tariff. If automatic project renewal is disabled and a project has not been manually renewed or the tariff has not been changed, new orders won’t be get to a project, but work with old orders will continue, all order cards and all functionality for processing will be turned on.

Please note that CRM PRO tariff has no limit by orders.


Shows amount of domains and subdomains you can add to your project.

In other words, domain - address, in which clients can find your site (landing).

Landing is an archive with files which you upload into project. Catalog with landing binds to a domain. Thus, numeral in option "Landing/domain" in tariff schedule shows how many landings can be advertised at the same time in present tariff.

Disc space

For the purpose to landing send leads right into a project, where you will work with orders, this landing must be adjusted and uploaded into project. For upload landing you have certain volume of disc space for each tariff.

Often one landing can be up from 1 to 10 MB. Some landings may contain audio or video inside archive (but more often, videos uploading through external links without downloading files into archives) as usual this files are heavier - 10-30 MB.

Creation of orders from landings

The possibility to connect your landing to a project and automate the order transferring to the project.

Manual Creation of orders

You can create new order cards in the project manually.

Upload orders from Excel and Download database in Excel

The functionality allows both loading the order database into the project from excel, and unloading the current orders from the project into the document.

Import from another project

This is an internal tool of our system, which allows you to transfer orders from one project to a project. You can exchange applications not only within your account, but also with other users of our service.

For example, you can work across Russia, and sell applications from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan to other advertisers that fly to you. Similarly, if you have your own mini-cpa network on our engine.

Facebook integration

You can use built-in integration with facebook to accept orders from lead forms in the project.


You can advertise your items or services by yourself or via affiliate nets, or via webmasters. On LeadVertex you can invite to your affiliate program unlimited amount of webmastes, which will provide you leads for reward.

Post and courier services.

In every tariff you can work via prepared integrations with these courier services and outsourcings: Pochta Rossii and EMS Pochta Rossii, Nova Poshta, KazPochta, BelPochta and EMS BelPocht, CDEK, reWorker, BetaPro, Boxberry, Fan Courier Usend and many others services, working on basis of integration with Courier Service 2008 MeaSoft. More details about post and courier services here https://leadvertex.ru/knowledgebase/36-cdek. In every tariff you can order your very own form by your design.

Leads tracking

You can track parcel for free in each tariff

Text SMS

You can send text messages to orders in any tariff.

Personal buyout notifications

You can send text and voice messages in any tariff. This option allows you to send voice and text messages with the address, phone number and post office opening hours where your client’s parcel. On basic tariffs, this option is enabled for voice messages, on advanced tariffs for voice and text sms.

Accounts for operators

Your operators can sign up in the system and get their personal accounts. This option allows you to invite operators to your projects. Operator’s access to the project differs from admin access, and has flexible adjusting. The number of accounts for operators is unlimited, so any number of operators can work in the project inside any tariff plan.

Account for representatives

Users often need to open access for co-workers or partners with similar rights with administrator but without giving personal data for entrance. It’s available in tariffs which include this option.

You can invite to work up to 5 specialists with extended rights. Account’s balance and settings will be hide from partners. Access granted only for project, not for entire account. This option might be useful for clients, who keep his affiliate program on LeadVertex. Create your offer and add advertiser as representative. Representative can manage your account, but unable to view your webmasters’ contact data.

First landing transfer.

Our specialists can adjust leads transmitting from your landing into project for free, consult you about working with templates’ editor and how make changes in your landing

API for webmasters

Webmasters can use data transmitting tool – API, in their accounts. API for webmasters provides next abilities:

-getting list of webmasters’ orders for certain period.

-Getting list of webmasters’ orders by ID Bulk

-Ability of import orders via API (only after entrepreneur's permission)

API (extended)

Full API, allows you to:

-Get list of statuses and quantity of leads inside them

-Get leads’ ID in status

-Search leads by parameters

-Get all data about lead by its’ ID

-Edit order

-Import order

ATS (telephony)

Our own virtual ATS allows to make calls from browser or any other desktop-client, right from order card and save its’ recording. Payment per minutes produced by provider.


Robo-call – technology, which allows you much increase efficiency of operators and process a third more orders without expanding staff.

You can write your own text or use templates already available (there are templates for every case: call on new orders, on buyout, confirm, etc.), robot will make a call to a client and dictate certain text, moreover it can tell various data from order card. Also robot will plan next call and fulfill different tasks according to dial up status

Call recordings

All calls, made from your account, recording by our ATS and keeps in order history.

Incoming calls

You can publish your special phone number attached to LeadVertex. If someone call there, LeadVertex will connect you with caller, create order with caller’s number and record conversation. If you not answer or your phone switched off, order still be created.

Dial Up Mode

Dial Up Mode – is convenient system for order processing. System will distribute orders among operators by itself. Distribution depends on receipt time or time and date of next dialing. Operators enter into system and they just need to press “Start Dialing” button; after processing press “Next order”.

When order processing there can be used special buttons, which allow to create schedule of next dial ups or change order status. What will happen with order after pressing these buttons, you set by yourself.

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