​Actions with orders and notifications

Actions with orders and notifications

History of order edit

Each order has its own history. To open it, click pencil sign and you’ll have page with tables where each table – action with order. Table has 2 columns: how it was, and how it now, and info about who edit this order, and time spent for editing.

Bulk operations with orders

Except individual, you can make bulk operations

History of order edit

  • Change status – this button allows you to change status on every order in this status. If you mark with tip few orders, action will be done only for them. If you not mark any order – action will be actual for all of them.
  • Upload – allows you uploading via Excel or API
  • Form Print – allows to print any form for further orders sending

Notifications about new orders

To adjust notifications on email, enter your project, then “Settings > Modules > Send orders to email

You can add email you want to get info about orders, there can be different emails in comma

Also you can adjust text, send to email with special tags like

Order #{{order}}

Full name: {{fio}}

Telephone: {{phone}}

Recommended not to hide mail addresses of group “mail” because of solid politics about spam

Notifications about orders to telegram from bot @leadvertex_bot

First, bind you’re your telegram ID to your leadvertex profile

Enter your leadvertex account – click login on you right corner, next – Profile

There you’ll see link for binding telegram ID

After you’ll be offered to open desktop application telegram and you’ll see conversation with our bot

If you want to enable notifications about new orders. you need enter “settings” > Modules > send messages to telegram and put there a tick.

You can bind just one telegram ID

Also you can set sending notification to Telegram channel or group chat.

To make it needs:

1. Add to channel or group our bot @leadvertex_bot



2. In your project open settings – modules – sending orders to my telegram – and insert chat or channel ID in a corresponding field. If there are several, you can specify a comma separated


How to find chat or channel ID?

It’s enough to text a message “/ get_my_id” (pay you attention that for channels and chats, IDs can be negative - this is normal, it’s not an error)

Call back application

We work from 8 am till 8 pm (moscow time) every day.
Please state convenient time for calling back at the working hours of our technical support service!