​Callback module

Callback module

You can set up an automatic call to your mobile phone when a new order arrives. To use this function, you need to connect telephony (Settings - Telephony, more details here). Next you need to do the following:

1.Go to your project, then Settings - Telephony - Callback;

2.Put the tick “use callback” and insert the mobile phone number you want to call.

10 minutes after receiving a new order, the robot will call to you, informing of this, and will offer 3 options:

1.Press the number “1” to connect with the client;

2.Press the number “2” to delay the call (the call will be delayed for 20 minutes and the robot will call again and announce the same menu);

3.Press the number "3" to not perform any action.

Records of conversations will be saved and you can see them in the history of order changes.

It is worth noting that if at the time the robot calls you, your phone is busy or turned off, the robot will make 5 attempts every 20 minutes to get through.

Call back application

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