​Clickfrog service

Clickfrog service

ClickFrog service is a traffic optimization system that allows you to reduce advertising costs, minimize cheating and disable inefficient advertising sources.

How to setup

In your account on the ClickFrog side, go to the “Traffic Audit” section - Add Site. Enter the address of your site in the window that appears.

Then go to your project on LeadVertex - Settings - Modules - “ClickFrog”.

Put tick on “Use the ClickFrog.ru service” - this tick is equivalent to connecting a PHP script.

Place the javascript code received on the service side on your landing page through the template editor (Settings - Design - Template Editor - directory with the landing page)

Call back application

We work from 8 am till 8 pm (moscow time) every day.
Please state convenient time for calling back at the working hours of our technical support service!