Features of Warehouse module and adding products

Warehouse accounting at LeadVertex allows you to bring all products to a warehouse, set up automatic product write-off and see current product balance at any time. It also allows your operators to select cross-sell when processing orders.

To add a new product to the warehouse you need:

Enter your account in the menu, select Warehouse - Add new

You will see the «Add a new product» form, where you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Name - the name of your product;
  • Description - description of your product (your operators do not see the description field);
  • Prices - this is a required field in which you need to specify the quantity of goods and the price for it, for example, for 1 unit - the price is 500, and for 2 units - 900, etc. For example, if you set the price for only 1, 2, 3, and 5 units of goods, and the client chose 4 units of goods, the system will automatically recalculate the price as: (price for 3 units) divided by 3 and multiplied by 4;
  • Alias - the field is necessary for the landing pages to work correctly. For example, if you add an item with the name - Watch, then in the alias field we can enter - watch;
  • Unit of measurement - in what units is your product measured, for example, units, unitary enterprise. etc.;
  • Weight in grams - the data from this field will be used on mail forms;
  • Purchase price - the data from this field will be used for statistics;
  • In stock - you can enter this field only when adding a new product to set the initial balance;
  • Keep a record of balances - this field allows you to choose whether to keep a record of the balances of this product or not.

Keep a record

Next, you need to click "Add Product" button. Now the product will appear in the list of your products. To see the list of goods, you need to select the menu item Warehouse - List of goods

Bulk addition of goods is also possible. It is a bit easier than adding products individually.

adding products

You need to fill in the product name, description and alias, set the price and weight, then click “Add more” and immediately the form for the second product will open and so on.

Products can be grouped into categories. To add a category, go to Warehouse - Product Categories

To edit the, product you need to enter your account in the menu, select Warehouse - List of goods, select the necessary product and click the pencil icon and you will open item editing card

open item

Adding products to the project

To add goods to the project, you need to enter your project and select the Warehouse - List of goods, and in the column “Use in this offer” mark goods you will use in this offer.

add goods

Adding Products to an Order

After the goods are added, we can add goods to the order. When creating / editing an order, the Add Products menu appears on the right, where you tick off the necessary products with ticks, set the quantity and price for them.

After adding a new order to the Order Management page, you will see your new order and the products added to it.

After adding

Bulk add products from Excel

You can make bulk upload all product items from an Excel file. After uploading, all products will be included in the project where you downloaded them. You can add goods from excel only inside the project, so for loading you need to enter the project and open the Warehouse - Add product bulk. Next you need to arrange the matching fields. For example, if the names of your products are in column "A", you specify

After you set the match

After you set the match, select the file to upload and add products.

Important! Prices are set on each new line in the form 1: 500, for 1 unit of product the price is 500

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