​How choose a tariff

Each tariff plan has functions, that needs for different level users.


If you novice you could use this tariff plan. This pack allows you to work with your trading pages, CPA-networks, advertising services, facebook and different platforms from where orders can be sent

We will adapt for free any landing you like to our service and set order transferring from landing page to a project. Also you could enable different timers and shares, use widgets with feedbacks and pop-up orders with customers’ city, add to site pages with upsells and online payment. You can track sites by using marks and counters. Anti-SPAM module also available.

If you want to keep landing on your hosting or connect another source of getting orders, we’ve got API, which will help you to set automatic order transferring from your site to the project. Different CPA-networks you want to work with can be easily connect to you using this tariff.

The tariff is designed to work with built-in modules. We have included in the pack various basic tools for working with orders and for automating business processes. Only our LeadVertex telephony operates at the tariff. With this pack you can work with already connected courier services. If you want to use your connection or connect a third-party Call-Center through API tools, you need to choose a tariff plan with advanced features.


The basic tariff plan that most users of the LeadVertex service use. The tariff is suitable for both a novice and an experienced entrepreneur.

In a project, you can use free tracking of orders with bulk loading of track numbers and printing of blank forms with barcodes. And you can connect the unloading of orders to the online office of the delivery service connected to us or to any other courier/mail that has the possibility of this type of connection. Data exchange can be occured bilaterally and automatically.

At this tariff, automatic address verification and index auto-substitution, antifraud have already been implemented, there is a Dial-Up mode for orders on schedule for a call center, robo calls and predictive dialing, warehouse accounting and other important functions work. But you can also connect your own useful tools for working with orders using the advanced API.

Using the advanced API, it is easy to connect a third-party call center and update information about orders in automatic mode.

Your project has built-in modules for sending text and voice SMS. In text and voice messages, you can use special tags that load customer data into messages, including the address, mode of operation and telephone of the post office in which the customer’s package is located.

We provide quality communication services at low prices for calls throughout Russia and around the world. But you can easily connect your own telephony provider at the "CRM +" tariff and make calls directly from the order card through the browser. Records of conversations will be saved in the order history. We’ll clarify that this is not only about storing entries in the call history like ordinary communication providers, but also docking of conversation records with each action in the history of the order change or in the history of the actions of a particular operator.


For an advanced entrepreneur, the most suitable tariff is CRM PRO. It includes all the features of the service with no order restrictions.

Pay attention to the option "Hide numbers", which is only on this tariff. Our numbers are not just hidden, they are encrypted. Your operators will not be able to see the encrypted number in the page code.

This is a very useful feature that allows you to make working with operators more safe. By hiding the phone numbers from the operators, you can be sure that your orders won’t leak anywhere.

Use this functionality in conjunction with other useful options.

Hide from operators shipped and paid orders. Forbid them to choose which orders to call and which not, by turning on a special dial up mode for them with function buttons and a call schedule. Let your operators communicate only with real customers and do not listen to beeps in case of no answer, including a smart robo operator in the project. Regularly listen to call records in the order history, track statistics and compile scripts that can be displayed on the order card.

We have ready-made cases that large advertisers work with and we will set up any of these cases for you at the “CRM PRO” tariff free of charge.

Cold sales

This is not a basic tariff but has its own features. This pack is suitable for you if you work with ready-made customer bases in excel tables or with ads where you place the phone number that customers call.

The tariff is designed to work with built-in modules and has limited functionality.

Unlimited projects

A tariff that is suitable for large advertisers with a large number of offers.

Divide the work with offers on different projects and collect statistics for each.

Also you can set up projects for different GEOs.

This tariff is suitable for you if you plan to create your own call-center on our service and offer calling services to other users or if you want to create your own mini affiliate network and sell leads to other advertisers. Entrepreneurs on the dropshipping system work on this tariff plan.

If you are having difficulty choosing a tariff, contact our online consultants or request a call back. We will help you choose the best rate for you.

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