Order card, form fields and scripts for operators

Order card

To open order, you need to click Pencil sign in line with order

Order card will be open

Order card will be open

After clicking order card edit will be open. Here operator have to add all required data and save changes

All changes will be saved in order edit history.

That’s how order card looks

That’s how order card looks

It contains all fields, have to be filled with client’s data. Pay attention on buttons above

. Each button just move an order into status binded to exact button.

“Call back” button has special logic: it set time and reason of calling back. The order will be planned in stated time.Call back

On blue field you can find all technical information about the order: when and where it come from.

How to add extra fields into order card

To add extra fields into order card, you need to open “settings” > form fields.

You can enable to 25 extra fields for your specific requirements.

specific requirements

Let’s have a look on each column

  • Enable fields – Enables/Disables fields in account (order management)
  • Be sure to fill in – if this field marked, operator have to fill this field while editing
  • Type – data type. There is following types: line, text, list, mask, tip and date. That’s how you set format of data in the field. For fields like “Delivery date” suits “date” type, you can choose color in “List” type.
  • Template – here added terms for types “text” and “Line”, value for drop-down list for type “list”, pattern for type “Mask”
  • Error text – if field filled wrong, you will see this text
  • Can operator change value – if tick is set, operator won’t be able to edit an order
  • Show field to webmasters – here you can choose three values (do not show, show and hide data, show data and field) This setting response for data accessibility for your webmasters.

Scripts in order card

On the left side there is script’s headings for operators, which opens while clicking and shows full script.

Scripts adds in separate menu “Operators” > “Scripts for operators”Scripts adds in separate menu

You can move blocks and set if they will be expanded or collapsed in the order card.

Call back application

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