What is Call Mode

Essence of dial up mode

Admin can flexibly adjust dial up mode, for system form order’s line for dialing by itself

Operator enters into account, press button “start dialing” and orders will open one by one. Operator cannot choose which one he wants to dial.

Except call mode button, operator has mini-statistics with counter of accepted and cancelled orders per day

Order list is unavailable for operator. We decide to hide it because of 3 problems:

  • Order drain, when operator may pass data to a third persons
  • Slow order processing, when operator spend lots of time between orders
  • For operators, who choose where he wants to call, trying avoid conflictual clients or any certain offers

When operator open order he sees previous order card and can use special buttons inside.

Essence of dial up mode

Order list and call mode adjustments are available only for administrator.

He can set rules for orders to sort between operators

In fact, admin can distribute orders inside projects between operators with simple settings, and then system will make order line

Call back application

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