​How to invite representatives

How to invite representatives

To invite representatives, open Settings - Modules - My partners - insert your login and password.

The link for the representative’s entry will be a link to your project with the added parameter “/partner”.

How to invite

You can invite only 20 partners. Orders and settings will be available to him.

Inviting, you can enable the following options:

  • Show webmaster details in order list
  • You can hide the webmaster’s login from the representative and display only its id
  • Show webmaster’s reward in order list

In the list of orders you can hide the webmaster’s reward

Show phone numbers

You can hide phone numbers from a representative. With hidden phone numbers, the partner will be unavailable to: upload to excel, print forms, upload via API

You can also view statistics on the representative’s actions. To do this, click menu button next to “Show webmaster data in the list of orders” and you’ll open a page with a list of actions.

view statistics

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