​Connect landing on your own

Connect landing on your own

What do you need to know?

1. The emulator of our template engine allows you to quickly adapt your existing landing page to the requirements of our system. Using the emulator, you can edit the landing page and watch the result directly on your computer without uploading to our server

2. The template engine has a number of specific features. You can always refer to the documentation. The support service does not give advice for self-porting, since all instructions are written on this page and the documentation page, and as practice shows, people who have html and css layout skills do not have problems

3. You must use variables that will contain such parameters as email, phone, name of the currency used on the landing page, the old price of the goods, etc. This is necessary so that the advertiser can easily copy the landing page, easily changing the price, currencies and other parameters by editing only one vars.html file

4. Your templates must be in UTF-8 encoding

5. Any manipulations with templates, scripts and styles are carried out only through the menu "Settings - Design - Template Editor"

6. Ready-made landings can be uploaded immediately as a whole by packing them into the * .zip archive (we recommend the 7-zip archiver). * .Zip archives downloaded through the template editor will be automatically unpacked in the selected directory

Documentation: https://demo-1.leadvertex.info/landing

Work in the template editor

In the template editor you will see the directory structure of the selected offer. When working with the template editor, consider the following features:

The root directory of the offer is the “/” folder.

The file “offer.jpg” or “offer.png” in the root directory sets the offer picture on the personal PP page

The names of all files and directories should consist only of numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet, symbols of a period, dash and "_"

All folders located in the root directory are considered landings.

Each landing has the following structure:

  • layout.html - the layout file of the main page. Usually containing the header and footer of the site into which content from the corresponding pages of the / pages folder is inserted (see below)
  • vars.html - a file containing variables used on the landing, such as “Old price”, “Phone number”, “email”
  • / pages - contains the content of the pages of the site, for example, the address https://demo-1.leadvertex.info/form.html will lead to the file /pages/form.html. For a better understanding, see the directory structure of your demo offer
  • / files - the directory in which all connected resources (styles, scripts, pictures) used by the landing page are located. Any connected resources must be in this directory.
  • favicon.ico is an optional file. Sets the icon for the site

You can invite a designer / layout designer to work with landing pages if you do not have sufficient skills in this area.

Before any changes, be sure to download the backup copy of the landing page by right-clicking on the directory with the landing page. In the context menu, select “Download,” the .tar format archive will be downloaded

Call back application

We work from 8 am till 8 pm (moscow time) every day.
Please state convenient time for calling back at the working hours of our technical support service!